Blades in dispenser

Emergency opening

Quality hydraulic motors

Double protection

Model classic is designed for use in systems where the supply is in a vacuum pump dispenser
In the dispenser there are blades that cut slurry and prevent clogging of distribution pipes. Cutting bodies are made from high-quality anti-wear material, long service life. Waste collection area (stones, wood, iron). Emergency opening in case of clogging. Equipped with double protection from the slurry inlet to the original hydraulic system. The quality hydraulic motors produced by M + S Hydraulic are used for the drive.
Model24 MP26 MP30 MP40 MP
Capacity 3 m³/min3 m³/min3,5 m³/min4 m³/min
Min. oil flow80 l/min80 l/min80 l/min80 l/min
Inlet diameter5˝or 6˝ 5˝or 6˝
Number of outlet hoses12+1216+1620+2012+12
Outlet hoses diameter38mm38mm38mm38mm
Max. Allowed pressure5bar5bar5bar5bar
Weight60 kg60 kg65 kg70 kg