Flexible lashing units

Automatic closeup

Strong and robust

High quality blades

Distribution systems MULTI SPREADERS are systems that are designed to directly inject slurry in uncultivated arable land, and only with this operation. The mode operation of MULTI SPREADER is that the scrub or disc first cuts into the ground up to a depth of 5 cm, so that the soil gets bloated, and the sliced surface is brought to it by the slurry which is brought into the previously made channel.
Lashing units (radial or disc) are flexible, which allows in the working position, including the pulling of the traction unit, this means that we are not limited to a strictly straight line treatment. The discharge of the dispensing hoses automatically closes in the transport position, which prevents dripping of the slurry from the hoses during transport.
Strong and robustly designed machine construction. Own unit for even distribution of slurry BReCKO CUT, equipped with cutting units made of high wearing material, which allows for a long lifetime of the blades.
Model5.0 profi6.0 profi
Working width5 m6 m
No. of outlets2024
Hose diameter52 mm52 mm
Number of cutting units11
Opening/closing time20s/20s20s/20s
Min. oil flow80 l/min80 l/min
Type of soil treatmentscurb or discscurb or disc
Weight1400 kg1600 kg