8 or 10 cutting blades

Extremely rapid opening

Simple hydraulic control

Fast hydraulic response

The own unit for even manure distribution of the BReCKO CUT is equipped with 8 or 10 cutting blades. It is made of high-wearing material, which enables a long lifetime of the blades.
High structural rigidity of the system, made from quality materials. The greatest advantage of the system is its construction since it enables extremely rapid opening of the system to the working position, and back to the transport position. Simple hydraulic control system Fast hydraulic response of the system for easy turning of the tank at the edges of the plots (one hydraulic pair performs three functions).
Distribution tubes are attached to spring steel, which allow for high flexibility. This, however, allows a great deal of surface diversity, despite the larger system widths. The high compressive force of the spring on the working surface (5 to 25 kg). The spring steel also has a function of a constant distance between the dispensing tubes, which allows the grain fertilization in the spring.
Cutting shafts with blades at the end of the springs are made of HARDOX material. With their anti-wear function, they can have a long lifetime of the blade. They have two functions; the blades on the shafts, due to the pressure of the springs, cut the channel into the ground, this directly bringing the air and slurry in the root system. The second function, however, ensures that the slurry is fed exclusively to a previously cut-in channel.
Model7.5 profi9.0 profi12.0 profi15.0 profi
Working width7,5 m9 m12 m15 m
No. of outlets30364860
Hose diameter38 mm38 mm38 mm38 mm
Number of cutting units1122
Opening/closing time12s/16s12s/16s12s/16s12s/16s
Min. oil flow60 l/min60 l/min100 l/min 100 l/min
Clampmanuallymanuallymanually or hydraulicmanually or hydraulic
Weight700 kg800 kg1150 kg1250 kg