Additional pump help

Fast opening

High-quality hydraulic motors

Double protection

Turbofillers serve as an additional pump to help pumping with a vacuum pump. It acts as a flow pump for pumping the slurry from the depths. For the operation, it needs a sufficiently large oil flow. The greater the flow, the greater the efficiency of the turbo filter. Models L, XL and XL profi are equipped with double protection from the slurry in the original hydraulic system. All models are equipped with a fast opening of the turbocharger in case of a clogging (4 screws). High-quality hydraulic motors from M + S Hydraulic and CASAPPA manufacturers are used for the drive.
ModelM 250L250XL280XL280 profi
Capacity2,5 m³/min2,5 m³/min3 m³/min6 m³/min
Min. oil flow80 l/min80 l/min100 l/min120 l/min
Outlet6˝or 8˝6˝or 8˝
Weight40 kg50 kg55 kg60 kg